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The G-Spot ...... is it really that elusive ?

The supposed mythical G-Spot has remained an elusive area of the female anatomy mainly because when it is not aroused, it is hard to find.  Many debates have ensued in the media that has cloaked the mystery of the G-Spot.

“Does the G-Spot exist?”

“Does every woman have one?”

“How do you find it?”

 ….. and most importantly,  “Once I find it, how do you stimulate it?” 

Today, I aim to set the record straight, and answer your questions about the G-Spot, so that you & your partner can find it and enjoy the pleasure that so many women are “gushing” about!


Does the G-spot REALLY exist ?  Yes, indeed!  The G-Spot was first discovered by German gynaecologist, Ernst Gräfenberg, he described it as “an erotic zone located on the anterior wall of the vagina along the course of the urethra that would swell during sexual stimulation.”  The G-Spot is actually another name for the urethral sponge (also called the female prostate because of its association with the male prostate gland) which is a complex system of erectile tissue, nerve endings, secretion glands and muscles that swell during the sexual stimulation giving some women extreme pleasure and powerful orgasms.  The G-Spot is actually connected to the clitoral structure that is buried beneath the vulva.

Do ALL women enjoy G-Spot pleasure ?  No.  Not ALL women enjoy G-Spot stimulation.  G-Spot stimulation feels much different than clitoral stimulation.  Some women will feel little or nothing especially the first time.  Others may feel uncomfortable like they have to pee, which is normal (as the G-Spot surrounds the urethra), and you have to push past this stage to fully enjoy the pleasure.  Still, some women may not enjoy G-Spot stimulation at all, or may even experience discomfort from it.  Everyone experiences pleasure and arousal differently, so if you don’t enjoy G-Spot stimulation, then it may not be right for you.

 Where is the G-Spot ?  The G-Spot resides 2.5cm – 5.5cm inside the vagina on the front wall just beneath the pelvic bone.  The area surrounding the G-Spot will feel smooth, like the insides of your cheeks when you feel it with your tongue, while the G-Spot itself may feel wrinkled like a small prune, or how the roof of your mouth feels with your tongue.  In its un-aroused state it may be hard to find, as the G-Spot only reveals itself once it becomes stimulated.  So remember to use lots of foreplay and become aroused before you try finding it.  The size can be anywhere between 1.5cm to 5cm in diameter, depending upon whether it is stimulated or not, because once stimulated it actually swells in size.

So what is the best way to find the G-Spot ?  The best way to find the G-Spot is in a comfortable environment & in a comfortable position while engaging in solo masturbation.  Being able to find your G-Spot yourself, knowing how to pleasure it and what makes it feel good, will help you teach your partner how to find it also, which will also allow for fantastic pleasurable foreplay. It is recommended that sitting in front of a mirror and inserting 1 to 2 fingers inside the vagina (palm facing up) and feeling around for a ridged, spongy surface on the upper vaginal wall.  If you are already sexually stimulated (highly recommended) from clitoral or other stimulation, the G-Spot may even be swollen and easier to find.  Voila!  You’ve found it.  Now what?

How do you stimulate the G-Spot ?  Stimulating the G-Spot can be done with fingers or a firm curved G-Spot dildo.  If you have trouble reaching inside your vagina yourself, then a G-Spot specific dildo or vibrator is recommended.  With fingers you insert them into the vagina palm up and curl them in a “come hither” fashion, rubbing the G-Spot.  With a dildo or vibrator, gently massage around the area once you have found it, slowly rocking the toy back and forth and slightly in and out, so it rubs against the G-Spot. It is recommended that if using a vibrator is being used that a low intensity setting be used to begin with. As you become more aroused, you may feel you want more and more pressure, which is why having a firm dildo is important.  You may even enjoy tapping it, or pushing into it as you rub back and forth for a deeper sensation.

What does G-Spot stimulation feel like ?  Once stimulated, you may also feel the urge to urinate, which is normal, as the urethral sponge is connected to the urinary tract.  If you continue to push past this point and you should begin to experience pleasure.  As the G-Spot continues to become more aroused and sensitive, you may feel a building euphoria and a deep body pleasure.  At this point, some women will enjoy deep, firm thrusting, while others may want to use clitoral stimulation with a clitoral vibrator to enhance the G-spot experience.  As the building sensation of impending climax intensifies, you may feel like you are a water balloon about to burst.  Now is the time to “let yourself go” and plunge over the edge into deep orgasm.  Just let it happen and don’t try to stop it or think too much about it & you will enjoy a much longer & deeper fulfilling orgasm.

What does a G-Spot Orgasm feel like ?  Every woman is different and will experience the pleasure of G-Spot orgasm in a different way.  Some women say a G-Spot orgasm feels like a roar of sexual energy.  Others experience it as a deep, full-body rumbling and total sexual release.  Still others feel a rippling sensation that sends waves of pleasure tingling through you.  G-Spot orgasms are usually more powerful, more deep and last longer than clitoral orgasms.  They may be experienced after a series of smaller orgasms, building to a powerful climax that leaves you shaking and weak.  Some women even release emotional tension and cry or laugh during an orgasm, it can be that powerful.

Will I ejaculate or squirt ?

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