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Reggie Pipes Life Size Love Doll

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Brand: Pipedream Products
Product Code: BMD-014
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Pipedream Extreme Dollz Reggie Pipes Life Size Love Doll. When you are looking for a bad ass brotha to long dick your lady, holla at yo boy Reggie! I'm Reggie Pipes, and once you go black you will never go back! I'm a lean, mean, big dick machine and I can't wait to bust a nut and break you off a piece of my sweet dark chocolate! You have always dreamt of getting down with a hung hustler from the hood, so now's your chance to experience Black Magic! Don't listen to those fools who say that size don't matter...I got inches of limp dick just waiting for you to suck on! My pimp game is off the charts and I'm about to get gangsta on yo ass! This incredible life size inflatable love doll was meticulously designed with realistic features for a truly lifelike experience. His sexy 3-D moulded face, ultra soft and perky nipples, super tight ass, and firm 7 inch cock feel even better than the real thing! An inflation pump, vinyl repair kit, and instructions are conveniently included. How to Inflate: DO NOT OVER INFLATE. To avoid over inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use the included manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use. Cleaning Instructions: Rinse the doll with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint free towel. Storage Instructions: Deflate the doll, then carefully fold it before loosely wrapping it in a lint free cloth. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, like a trunk or closet. Other Care Instructions: Avoid sharp objects. Repair punctures promptly using the included repair kit and instruction sheet. Ensure the puncture is clean and dry for an airtight seal. Avoid lubes and lotions in the hair to avoid damage and tangling.

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